Art of Jessica

Creepy notebooks

I loved making these little notebooks.  They look like old leather, but it's just tissue paper and mod podge, dried and painted.  I stuck little plastic spiders under the tissue, and a home made "eyeball".  Creepy!!

Shabby Chic Chandelier

Dry brushed this brassy dining room fixture with white paint, then hot glued on strings of pearls and white flowers.  Sooo much better!

Wedding Bouquets

These bouquets are made from tissue paper, ribbon, and buttons

The Joker

My handmade Joker doll with feathers for hair

Angel Wings

I made these wings from a cardboard box and a bagful of coffee filters with a little string of pearls for accent.

Guess what this art is made from...

Just a large Vintage frame and toilet tissue tubes!

So Many Fascinators

Benedict Cumberbatch's silhouette (Sculpy), Batman, R2D2, Rainbow Dash, Pinky Pie, Union Jack, Spiderman and a Sculpy octopus!


Block letters, scrapbook paper, dollar store frames and quilling!

I had artwork in a Godzilla exhibit!

Proud to have been invited to participate at the Godzilla exhibit at Creature Features in Burbank, California.  My painting is top center!

I'm not really 2-Faced

I just painted myself that way!


Made my own cravat with a lace tablecloth, a scrap of fabric and a button, and I love it!!  My jim-jams make it look like a Prince outfit!

More of our Lolita Frozen Costumes, plus Shoes!

Yes, I painted those shoes!  I just love them - wish they were my size!

We Won A Contest!

I designed and made these Lolita Frozen costumes and we won first place group in the costume contest at Akaicon!

I Built My Own Snowman!

Inspired by a certain animated feature film's comic relief - my own design!

Jamie Fraser

Outlander's very own Jamie Fraser - acrylic 16 x 20

Warrior Aurora

My own original concept and design - from the papier mache Maleficent head to the hand formed Worbla brambles on the pike and spinning wheel shield, to the craft foam body armor and crown.  Such a fun design!

Classic Monster Fascinators

Wolfman, Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, the Creature from the Black Lagoon and the Mummy in fascinator form!